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One sure fire way to get out of a funk at work (let’s be optimistic)

One sure fire way to get out of a funk at work (let’s be optimistic) 

Sometimes working hard and getting confronted with evermore complex issues at great quantity can get us into a funk (feeling bad about yourself). Most often this is because we only see our side of the whole equation. Seeing our working life at the micro level at times for long periods can wear the toughest people out.

How can you get to know a much broader picture when you are “only” part of a much bigger department, and a big organization? There is indeed a simple strategy to get to this information. Pick up the phone and try meeting with your own sales people. Best is to meet in person, but even a telephone conversation will do wonders.

Ask how the company, products, and your brand are being perceived in the market place. This is one of the only ways you will get a good picture of your own organization’s health and the market situation. You will find that in most cases the customer perception is so much better than you think and the “big” issues may just exist because of homemade agendas and problems.

Work hard, but smart. Do not let your morale fall victim to only looking at your own microcosm vision. Get the bigger picture from the folks who had better have a good grip on your company’s market perception and position. They are the ones who typically have to bring a good portion of optimism and persistence to their jobs. Let them get you excited about what you do.


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