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What is the most powerful way to communicate?

What is the most powerful way to communicate?  

The most powerful and effective way to communicate is still best done person to person. Even in the time and age of Internet, Skype, social media, etc all of them combined still cannot be as powerful as looking the person in the eyes during a face to face meeting (Click to tweet this).

Science seems to have proven this fact before. The spoken word and its content are as important as being able to experience the facial and body expressions we emit while we talk. How else would you be able to pick up how engaged someone is about a topic?

Sure, when you look around electronic means have done away with countless jobs and altered many ways how we look for information, have meetings and place orders. When you think about it though, this typically involves areas of our lives that are relatively simply figured out. The moment it gets a little more complicated it tends to take a lot more time to find what you need. And it typically gets complicated easily. Lack of trust in what you find will impact time and money spent on the search for information.

When everything else fails, you always look for human intervention. The next best thing is online chat and telephone support. When was the last time you caught yourself saying that this experience was so effective and cool that you want every interaction to go that way? If you have anything close to my luck, you will not be able to come up with any instance.

A personal meeting can take care of a load of issues. Especially effective are meetings where all key stake holders can be present. With great preparation and a good plan you can knock out many issues and quickly set up a plan to implement what you discovered, or decided.

When you feel you are getting stuck with an issue involving other people make use of all your electronic means, but resort to picking up the phone and ultimately set up a face-to-face meeting. You will not regret it; nothing is more powerful.


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