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5 quick tips for what to do when sudden grief flash-backs set in

5 quick tips for what to do when sudden grief flash-backs set in Ralf a

Have you lost a close friend or family member and are you experiencing periodic spells of grief over the loss? I still get them and when they hit they can be outright debilitating. Friend Susan Mix reminded me with her recent blog post about how vivid those memories can be.

What is unfair is that they come out of nowhere. Mine have sprouted up most frequently during long car rides where I am by myself. The flashbacks are so real that sometimes I feel like a can touch them and they bring me down to tears.

Do not be afraid of the grief and sadness. There are a handful of strategies that have served me well over the years and I am hoping that they can help you as well.

  1. Let it take its course. Do not hold tears and sadness back. Stock up on Puffs with Lotion and let it go.
  2. Take a good look at memorabilia. Remember the good times; they make the bad times fade away easier.
  3. Indulge. Prepare a meal that used to be the favorite of yours and the person you are missing. Share it with friends and family.
  4. Talk to a good friend. Nothing beats talking about it with someone who understands you and listens to you.
  5. Take a look at what you are missing the most. Think about it: You will always miss the physical presence, but the person will always be there with you in spirit, heart and thoughts – forever.

Winter weather and its short days can put people into a funk by itself. Then there are the holidays that make us think about the past and the people we miss. All of it can come down on our mental well being like a load of bricks. Rest in comfort that you are not alone, and may the tips above be of help to you.


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