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What does Yoda in a snow globe have to do with being a world citizen?

What does Yoda in a snow globe have to do with being a world citizen? IMAG0098

Nothing. Well, perhaps not for you, but there is a connection for me. It took a pretty quirky mind to come up with the idea to put Yoda into a snow globe – as Santa no less. I have a quirky mind to seeing myself as a world citizen rather than one of a specific nationality. It is the quirkiness that provides the connection for me.

We live in interesting times. The Internet has brought our society closer together and also help leveling the playing field socially and working wise on a global scale. Our physical boundaries have lost quite a bit of importance. Collaborating amongst private citizens and of course globally active business entities has become so easy and frequent that it has become the norm rather than the exception.

Our biggest struggles remain our differences that are religiously or political system driven. What will bring us together though? I believe that long term sustainable access to energy, clean water, space to live, and clean air will bring us all to the round table sooner or later.

I would rather think about this sooner. That is where I hold the belief that I am a global citizen. It’s time for us all to ponder what more we can do leaving the world better than we have found it. Let’s not argue if and how soon we will run out of fossil fuels, or if climate change is a man-made phenomenon. The question should be: Is what we are doing right now the best that we can do?

Let’s ask ourselves that question. Don’t you think that we could make quite a bit of a difference for our children and their children? Not only are our current money systems and markets so intertwined globally that it isn’t funny. We share the same air and other natural resources too.

When you really think about it, our planet is not really all that big. Many of us drive their cars enough throughout the course of a year that it would equal the distance circumnavigating Earth.

Will the religious and commercial system difference eventually come second after living a sustainable life style in peace and ample opportunities for everyone to pursue happiness? It may only be a dream, but I really like the concept of being a world citizen. Nationality: Earthling.

Ha, there you have it. That is my quirky thought on this subject matter. It is just as interesting as the one individual who came up with the idea that Yoda should play Santa in a snow globe. I invite you to think and hang outside the box a little with me.


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2 thoughts on “What does Yoda in a snow globe have to do with being a world citizen?

  1. Love the snow globe, and the thoughts it inspired. I, too, have a santa-dressed Yoda on display: just quirky enough to make people think twice.

    Where I’m from, we don’t say “think out of the box” anymore, we say “think out of the GLOBE.”


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