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The secret to be totally, utterly, super excited about something

The secret to be totally, utterly, super excited about something IMAG0890

Can you remember the last time you were so excited that you could not contain yourself in anticipation of something that you hold very dear? In fact you could probably not fall asleep the night before. It is such a great feeling that let you feel great for hours and even days. Moments like this need to be revered – they just do not happen all that often, or do they? There is a secret to feel this great.

One of those moments of ecstatic proportions happened to me when I was on my 15th birthday. After school in the evening my dad called our family to the downstairs foyer. Once I made it down the stairs I could not believe my eyes: there it was, my very own first motorcycle (well, moped would be more fitting, see the picture on the right).

I was jumping up and down and ran around it in circles. Wow, what a treasure. In fact it had been one piece of neglected steel and light alloy metals. My dad had bought it for very little money from a friend. It needed a lot of work. Though the engine ran, there was nothing on this thing that did not need repair or replacement.

The thought was for me to fix it up throughout the year leading up to my 16th birthday. In Germany that used to be the minimum age for riding these mini motor cycles. It meant everything to me as it would be the only method of transportation until turning 18, which was the minimum driving age for cars and big motorcycles.

The hard work ahead did not change a bit how I felt about the blue metallic piece of scrap. I was absolutely ecstatic about it. When I look back upon that special day of getting it, I now know that the secret to being that excited was that I did not know I would get this present. I also did not hold any expectation either.

That is the little secret. Getting to experience something that you hold very dear and you get this as a surprise with no expectation tied to it. It does not even matter who provides the gift to you. It can be a total stranger or family and friends who make your day. Key is the surprise factor that someone read your mind and you did not expect to get this.

That is also one of my biggest favors that I ask of you: Do not let false or expectations that are too big ruin what otherwise could be one of your greatest moments of your life. It always helps being a nice person (being nice is a 24/7/365 thing) – give, and you will be given.

When you then manage sharing your desires and life goals you have set the ideal stage for great things coming your way. Best thing will be that you did not necessarily expect for them to occur and thus you will be able to set off great moments of excitement.


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