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Did you volunteer, or did you get voluntold? The ironic secret behind both

Did you volunteer, or did you get voluntold? The ironic secret behind both (Click to tweet this) Smaller FB

There is the strangest relationship between volunteering and being picked to do a certain task. The one is what we picture as a usually positive thing. Volunteering starts by you raising your hand based on your own free will. Getting directed to do something (my word choice here is voluntold) is typically seen as a negative.

That is where irony catches up with us. Volunteering maybe based on free will, but once you have been allowed to start working on your project everything that comes after that does not necessarily give you a free hand to do whatever and whenever you want. In essence this can now turn into a chore.

Contrast that with the opposite of volunteering: Being told (voluntold) to e.g. work on a particular team project etc. can be a drag. There is a big but though, you do not have to engage your mind too much with this as you have no emotional engagement with the goal and outcome of whatever you are supposed to do.

So in short the former may be more fun because you had the freedom to choose whether or not you wanted to get involved. The latter example maybe stressful in the beginning because you were told what to do, perhaps even against your will. Then your mind can go into idle mode and you relax because you are a mere executor.

Which version do you prefer? There is no right or wrong here. Key is to keeping this ironic twist between the two concepts in mind when you get the fork in the road: Do you want to invest your time into a worthy cause or project? Great, go for it. Or do you want to wait around until you will be asked to do a boring task that you do not enjoy, but you do not have to be responsible for anything. You can go into mental freewheeling mode.

Remember that once you start under either set of conditions, there will be ramifications. Make sure to ponder both sets of consequences and see if you can work out a win-win situation. Make it your active choice and you can spare yourself a lot of stress, headaches and running around. You will reduce work stress and sleep longer. Ponder away my friends.


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