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Confessions of a U-boat Christian – The thing about spirituality

Confessions of a U-boat Christian – The thing about spirituality Ralf a

First things first. What is a U-boat Christian? This is someone who only comes up from the deep to surface only for the most important religious holidays. Why do I bring it up? I’m just stirring the snow globe a little to let you ponder your spirituality. Can you be just as spiritual without going to a place of worship? Since I had been such a U-boat skipper too all I can do is to offer a few pointers.

Spirituality is the tedious inner path (to some this is easy) of discovering the quint-essence of yourself. It helps you connect to a larger reality – the belief in a greater Devine force. So here is the first fork in the road: None of the above necessarily needs to involve going to church.

The first step is to actually actively realizing that you want to discover your values and meaning. Meditation, contemplation, and prayer can help transcend you to a higher degree of spirituality. Exercising this regularly can of course happen just about anywhere.

Now let’s walk down the other leg of the fork in the road. Going to a place of worship with the fellowship is often thought being mainly connected to dogma. And then again this totally depends of your denomination, the pastor, and your fellow members. When this works well, going to church is a phenomenal experience that will significantly augment your spirituality. Here are only three quick items for you to start thinking about:

  • Embracing community: You give and you will be given. It’s one of the greatest feelings being able to do something with and for others.
  • Serving others: Serving others without expecting anything back in return is another enlightening thing that you can do when engaging yourself at church.
  • Inspiration: Listening to stories and sermons provides fertile ground for inspiring you.

Suffice it to say, the question whether or not going to church is a must is too personal for me to solve for anyone but myself. I have found my spot in pew 4 and continue making a point to surface every week if at all possible. All that I hope for is that you make a conscious decision to ponder and pursue a greater degree of spirituality – whatever this may entail.


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