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How good do you feel about how well you know your local sightseeing sites?

How good do you feel about how well you know your local sightseeing sites?  


Photo taken at Copper Mountain Colorado

The problem with local sites of interest is that we tend to overlook them altogether. The more we are exposed to something every day, the more likely we are to totally overlook it indefinitely.

This reminds me of Schloss Hämelschenburg (Click for castle web site here) , which is a small, but beautiful little castle in Northern Germany where I was born and raised in a small village around 9 miles away.

Funny and ironic thing is that I finally stopped by and got a tour of the castle when I took some American friends over to see it: That had been after having moved to the United States and living there for almost three years. In all, I had not visited a really neat and historic site for more than 20 years, even though I practically had lived right next door. Why on Earth hadn’t I done this earlier?

Sound familiar? So here is my challenge for you: Crank up your computer or Web interface and query for local sightseeing sights and make a point of visiting them. If that does not work for you, here are a gaggle of suggestions of where and how else you may get neat site information.

  • Volunteer for chaperoning school trips. This one is easy for folks with children. There are always trips scheduled to more or less local sites.
  • Scouting trips. Again, if you have children I highly recommend that you look at letting them join scouts. Boy and girl alike, there are a few trips in there for you to tag along a potential helpers.
  • Church trips. Quite a few congregations offer volunteer spots for going neat and difficult alike. Tag right along.
  • Make good use of resources like AAA, travel agencies. It seems old fashioned nowadays, but it is worth a try calling them or checking their online resources out.
  • There is an App for that. Of course there are all sorts of Apps for Droid and iPhone. Here is a Google search link for you. If in doubt check out your smart phone’s app store. It does not get lazier than that (put the trip in your Cloud calendar and send out your family invitations too).
  • Ask neighbors and friends. We do not meet with the folks we love the most enough as it is. Use the opportunity to meet with them and ask about what kind of spots they know that you ought to get to know closer too.
  • At work ask your event coordinator for advice. Event coordinators can hook you up! They can most likely even recommend hotels and restaurants that you should check out while you are out and about.
  • Most towns, cities, and trip worthy sights have their own websites. There are typically packed with links to potential other attractions as well. There are awesome resources around that are really helpful in getting around.

“All” you need now is a dose of commitment to giving it a go. Seriously, make a point of committing to going to one site a year. To some of us even that is quite a task. Start slow, but hold yourself to your own promise to plan and pull off a sightseeing trip. You will end up feeling better about yourself even if the trip did not quite go as well as intended; you accomplished something! Safe travels.


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