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How do you leverage your 5 senses against your mouth?


How ironic is this? We have 5 senses (some argue we have around 17) designed to take information in, and we use the  mouth the most – we spread more info than we are able or willing to process. There is so much that we share with our mouths without fully considering what we have heard, or whatever else we could have sensed.

The outcome is almost always hurt feelings and miscommunication ensues, which often helps perpetuate and exacerbate the situation. So, what can you do to avoid this? Here is a quick list with some pointers:

  1. Get out the duct tape. Well, not literally, but first step to getting better to listening to your senses involves zipping your mouth. Start listening.
  2. Get rid of your preconceived notions and emotions. Free your brain from any bad thoughts or emotional responses. They only clutter your mind.
  3. Take some time for you to slow the sensing process as well as the thinking process down. Slowing down, taking a deep breath, and really thinking deeply about any topic takes quality time. The quieter the mind, the deeper and better the thoughts.
  4. Resist the urge to apply quick fixes. What you hear and sense may sometimes require engaging the sixth sense (extra-sensory perception). Take your time to listen to what your brain tries telling you.
  5. Make use of your life lines. Sometimes you are better off asking a good friend helping you make sense of a situation. Use the 50/50 chance and the remove-a-few-options life lines sparingly. Human to human collaboration totally rocks this one.
  6. Open your mouth now and ask questions. Do not tell, but ask. Make sure to ask open ended questions.

It dawned on me not all that long ago that I had made use of the information spreader (our mouth) way too much. That is the best step to get started though. Acknowledge that you may have a potential issue and that is time to stand back and let it sink in for a while. That is a sure fire way to getting better and to feel better about you.


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