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The “gift” that no one needs or wants – accept it anyway

The “gift” that no one needs or wants – accept it anyway Ralf a

Life can throw pretty nasty situations at you. That is the gift I am talking about. This can range from going through terrible hardships while growing up, abusive relationships, bullying, illness, job loss, and so many other horrible things. Had you had a choice, most likely you would have said “I’ll pass, thank you”. Unfortunately, most of the time it is not your choice.

Just recently I was in a very interesting conversation with someone who had gone through a terrible disease as a young child. Now he is a wonderful young man who has been changed by the disease – for the better. He has become very attentive, loves to lead people, and in general has managed to succeed in just about anything that he set his mind on.

What has changed him? It turned out to be his struggle to survive the disease he fought as a child. Planning ahead and fierce determination to “make it through” is the talent that he picked up along the way.

Another example of this is John O’Leary. With third degree burns covering his entire body as a young child he was not supposed to survive. Miraculously he survived through his own will and also with help from family and a few people who helped and believed in him. He is a renowned speaker today fostering positive thinking and attitude wherever and whenever he is in front of a crowd. Grab a box of tissues when you attend his events when he speaks of the day of his accident and the first couple of weeks in the hospital. His gift and talent helps motivate so many people.  Here is a video in which you can watch part of his presentation.

It is a simple and yet powerful formula that can work for you here: Daily practice of facing the same challenge builds up new skills and competencies. They lead to acquiring a talent along the way. Well, that can be your gift. Perhaps it will take a while to look at it that way, but where there is light, there is shadow and where there is shadow, there is also light.

In the event that you are going through hardship now, please do not give up. Seek help in whatever form it may be available to you. Keep a journal of your struggles. Hold on tight and just one day you will see that you have come out changed from your challenges. And yes, I know this is easier said than done and you did not ask for this “gift” in the first place, but whenever you can, make the best of it.


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2 thoughts on “The “gift” that no one needs or wants – accept it anyway

  1. cegosasiapacific on said:

    Well said! No one invites misfortunes but they come uninvited. We have two choices in the face of it: either we cry or face it. People who have bucked up their courage and faced adversities have always come out the winners. Thanks for the article and the beautiful message!


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