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The one who laughs last did not get the joke

The one who laughs last did not get the joke Ralf a

The joke is on you if you are after revenge. There are a few adages around revenge. It is supposedly best served cold and nothing is as sweet as revenge. Yeah, it may feel good for a minute or two to dish it back out at folks that did you some wrong. Is it worth it though?

I do not think so. Revenge is a close relative of hatred. Neither one is long term sustainable. The moment you harbor any thought of getting even with someone, you stand a good chance that you put a strain your body and soul. Most damaging is that you no longer focus your attention on being you. Revenge is a throughout negative emotion.

The best method dealing with this is not to engage in getting even. Why? The moment you lash back out, most people tend to get even with YOU. It may be the beginning of an all-out battle that can go back and forth for a long time. Remember the McCoys and the Hatfields? Ironically the longer the fight goes the greater the chance that neither party eventually remembers what started the whole thing in the first place.

Do not get me wrong here. When someone threatens you or you are otherwise feeling unsafe, please get the police involved, or ask other friends and family for help. Other than that, let it go.

  • Take a deep breath. This one works best. All you need is a little time between the annoying event and you then give yourself a breather.
  • What goes around comes around. If you have been wronged by a rather annoying or nasty person rest in comfort as the person may already have been born who will pull a fast one on him – just do not let it be you.
  • Learn to forgive. Make a habit to forgive the person. Say a prayer and genuinely forgive the person. That does not mean that you should forget the event. You need to make sure that you remember what you have learned.

The next time you plan to laugh last, just remember that you may be the one who the joke is on at the end. Revenge does not work in the long run.


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3 thoughts on “The one who laughs last did not get the joke

  1. This is a great reminder . I love the line, ” You no longer focus your attention on being you.” Very true. Thanks, Ralf.


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