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Jerking jerks right out of your life

Jerking jerks right out of your life Smaller FB

Jerks exist at work, friends, acquaintances, and family alike and boy can they say and do hurtful things. Generally dislikable they are self-centered, sarcastic, caustic, and either tell you things that you could do without, or they withhold the info to hurt you. Road-rage would not exist if it wasn’t for jerks. These folks are just nasty!

Because jerks use a feather tickling your lizard brain you may feel the need to go into the offensive. Resist this to the extent possible. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. The best way not to get into trouble is to remove yourself from the possibility that you actually engage with them. Here a few thoughts on how to do that.

  1. Stay positive. No matter what happens, staying positive is an act of choice that is truly yours. As tough as it may be, engage in positive thinking. Best method practice could be to take a deep breath, getting up and talking a quick walk. If you can do the walking outside in fresh air the better.
  2. Avoid the jerks. Another choice you can make is to no longer being around people that drain you of energy. They’re typically easy to spot as they like to gossip with you. When you see them come put on a headset or get on the phone. Just become unavailable for their nonsense. They will prowl on other people in a little while. Here just about any method is justified in getting away from these energy hoggers.
  3. Seek out positive people. Think of folks that give you energy. Invite them out for a meal and talk about the things that you are passionate about. Make a point of pro-actively planning these meetings well in advance; you do not want to miss these appointments.
  4. Never seek revenge. So someone hurt you. In a way it would be nice to get back at them. Have you ever heard about people that had never had a lick of trouble with anyone, but got into deep, deep issues because they engaged in questionable conduct just because of vengeful thinking and acting? Let it go.
  5. Refrain from engaging in any form of hatred. Only love is long term sustainable. Hatred will alter your alignment toward your purpose and can totally un-rail you from reaching your full potential.
  6. Never work for jerks. Easier said than done, but they love creating a toxic work environment full of distrust and a general state of insecurity. Get out at your earliest convenience! Life is too short to do this to yourself. If you work in an unethical, unsafe, vulgar, command and control, and otherwise rather unpleasant work environment you need to start looking for a different path.

By a vast majority, jerks share a lack of empathy, compassion, and a generally low self-awareness. This makes them as difficult to be around, and it also means that you attempting to collaborate with them in an attempt to better your relationship with them will unlikely work.

Use any method that you feel comfortable with in removing yourself from the spell that people like this cast on you.


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