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Who is the man / woman in the mirror? How much do you like yourself?

Who is the man / woman in the mirror? How much do you like yourself? Ralf a

Did the headline make you giggle? No laughing matter here though. Depending on how content you are with your self-image determines how you treat yourself and others. It affects your career and social life in so many ways too.

By a vast majority most people either are either their own worst critics, or they choose not to look at all and ignorance is bliss. Here is my plea and invitation to take a long hard look in the mirror. How happy are you with yourself?

The outward appearance is one thing. What I would suggest you ponder even harder is how you feel inside. As far out there as it sounds it is a great exercise to look yourself in the eyes and having a Q&A session about how content you are with your life and compare it with what you pictured yourself being and doing.

  1. Change is your choice. Take a nice long look. Take a deep breath. Today you can make the choice to make a change.
  2. You are lovable the way how you are. Relax, you cannot make everyone happy. Find yourself and like yourself and you will find likeminded folks in a short time – similar people are attracted to one another.
  3. You are beautiful the way you are. There are only two judges in this situation. You and the highest Authority there is no one else gets to do that (even though people will try anyway).
  4. Your image is a window to your health. You only have one body, and one body will have to do.
  5. Being content with yourself leads to more sustainable friendships. This one is simply coming down to the adage of like yourself and you will like and respect others.
  6. Being at ease with yourself propels your career. It bumps up self-confidence and a sense of direction. That is something your team and boss will notice. The world needs confident and driven people.

The only real barriers in life are the ones that you put up around yourself. It starts with the self-image you see in the mirror. Worse is when the mental picture in your head does not play nicely with you. Choose to look and ponder. Then choose to either relax, or start doing something about what you see. What are you waiting for?


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