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Do you like playing Russian roulette with your car?

Do you like playing Russian roulette with your car? Ralf a

Today, I need to stir up everyone’s snow globe about your safety. Amazing as it is, there are still many folks who do not buckle up. With the newest cars that takes a little extra effort and all kinds of tricks silencing the audible alarms; they can drive you crazy when you do not insert the buckle. Yet, no other safety component beats this safety device’s effectiveness in your car – not even the airbag.

The nature of an accident is that it comes at you with no warning, or preparation time. Within the last 6 months I have been close to 2 accident scenes. Both times I could not see the accident happening, but I was within earshot of them. First I just heard the ominous braking induced tire squeal and then the “poof” stemming from the metal to metal impact.

One accident ended up not being too bad, the other had two folks in an older car with driver and passenger not wearing seat belts. Even though the driver had had his air bag go off, he was in pretty rough shape. His head still managed to hit the windshield. The passenger’s head had not been as lucky and the windshield as well as his noggin sustained a little more damage. Why had they chosen not to wear a belt? Don’t you think they regretted it right away? They were lucky enough to survive the accident; many are not as lucky.

Quite a few years back I survived a roll over and wearing my seat belt totally saved my bacon. I still remember the accident in slow motion. I especially remember hanging upside down for a brief moment with the interior’s contents falling down and then back in place when I came to a stop back on the wheels.

Please take a look at the picture of my destroyed car. I did not have a scratch on me – all thanks to a 2.5” wide strip of cloth. IMAG0885


As bad as texting while driving is (and it gets a lot of well deserved attention), little is being said about belt safety anymore. Please do not play Russian roulette with your health. You are needed in the many roles you play every day. Please buckle up!


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