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When you are present, are you present? When more is less

When you are present, are you present? When more is less IMAG0461

Multitasking has gained in significance over the last few years. Technology has made it all possible. Unfortunately, we are also now glued to our little smart phone screens or any other “smart” devices wherever we have a chance. Seemingly this should be a good thing, but this leads to a more is less phenomenon.

We are online no matter where we are any more. We are on them when we watch TV, at the doctor’s office, and we even when we are with friends and family. The photo was taken during a recent youth orchestra performance. One parent was on his laptop the whole time doing work; another was on his phone playing a game the whole time their kids were performing their little hearts out.

What is wrong with this picture? Well, it is not wrong if it works for you. It does not work for me though. Trying to do two, three things at a time help doing none really well. Too many thoughts at a time just clutter your brain and thus your projects get watered down in quality.

Now consider what multitasking does to your personal and business relationships. Are you really present, when you are present? How do you like when a person speaking with you does not look you in the eye? Doesn’t it bother you when that individual cannot remember parts of the discussion whilst still being in the discussion? How about working your bum off and people cannot notice it because they are deep in thought on their smart phones?

Why would you do that to others then? Let’s all take a break and put the “smart” devices on silent and stack them up on the table in front of us. Welcome a deeper sense of community and being.


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