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Not making a choice is still making a choice

Not making a choice is still making a choice Smaller FB

Procrastination is often mistaken with just being careful making the best choice. Problem is often that our busy lives let us completely forget about getting back to actually making that choice. In the end you made a choice anyway: things are remaining the same. Or are they? It can get worse. Besides of hashing out the problem’s details, I have also included an antidote below.

Let it be a business or social setting, taking your time in getting detailed background knowledge is one thing, but when you take too long new events can lead to a constant evolution of your initial problem. Now this leads to an ever changing set of conditions that you need to consider again. Again, and again.

This form of procrastination is most likely driven by fear. It’s the fear of not making a good decision. It can be so paralyzing to be stuck in this 360 degree loop. What are your options though?

One way would be to do the opposite and just go for it. That easily falls into the category of “going off half-cocked , and that can badly back fire on you. In fact, you can become a procrastinator because of such a bad experience.

A better solution is prototyping your solution of choice at a smaller scale model. Collaborate with as many people as you feel comfortable with. Commit to a size model and establish bench marks and goals along the way. Really important is discussing and agreeing on when to call it quits. Nothing is worse than going through an experiment for the sake of completing it, but it becomes obvious that it had been nothing but a bunny trail and it will not lead anyway quickly. Plan-Do-Review-Correct. Do each part consistently and consequently. This recipe limits your exposure to failure to a great extent.

What we are talking about here is the Goldilocks approach to the issue of indecision and procrastination: Do not succumb to paralysis through analysis, and at the same time do not just rush through the decision making process either. Instead gather your troops and seek consent and then commitment to prototyping a solution.


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2 thoughts on “Not making a choice is still making a choice

  1. That’s a great idea, Ralf. It can give you confidence to succeed, and give a safer environment to iron out the wrinkles along the way. Thanks for another must-read post!


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