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How can you create predictable miracles?

How can you create predictable miracles? imag0552.jpg

Miracles occur when needs and solutions converge (click to tweet this). Convention says that miracles happen coincidentally. It is counter-intuitive speaking of being able to create them. Here is a recipe how you can initiate them yourself.

In order to be able to creating a conduit for needs and solutions to emerge in front of you and still maintaining the element of coincidence (this is truly organic growth), you will first and foremost need to ponder what your purpose is. The moment you ask yourself this question, you will be on the path to a better and brighter future.

Imagine what gives you energy and what you really want to be and do. Think about your future needs that will help pave the way to get there. Journal about this daily and reflect upon this list frequently. Develop a mental picture what the final result might look like in 9-12 months from now.

Now comes the part that you need to feel comfortable with: Share this picture with acquaintances, friends, co-workers, family, etc. Do this freely. The more you think and talk about it, the more you think and solidify your own mental picture. You become intensely focused on what truly matters to you.

Make a list of 9-18 people you look up to. You may not even know any of them now. Have the courage to ask for getting together with them. Meet with these folks for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do not ask for favors; ask for them to listen to you and to be candid with their feedback. Provide value for them as well. Be polite and most of all genuine and sincere. Share your vision and mission, your purpose freely. Bring the future into the present by bringing it alive. Keep your journal up to date.

Now you have tilled the ground and sowed the seed of synchronicity. Because you know your intentions and you have shared them, people and opportunities will start crossing your path. This may not happen immediately, but in the long run this is a recipe that you can follow with almost guaranteed success – synchronicity will happen.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go, you cannot lose here and how cool is it to create your own predictable miracle?


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2 thoughts on “How can you create predictable miracles?

  1. Tahoe Mom on said:

    Ralf ~ Great post. I love the phrase “predictable miracles”. I am sending this to my daughter who along with her family is doing this very thing. You have a couple of extra ideas I think she will incorporate into her manifestations. Thanks!


    • Hello Sue;
      Thank you too. I would not have believed it, had it not happened to me. In fact it keeps happening to me more and more. What a great time to be alive. Have a great week and hugs to Dean.


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