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The secret of being able to do miracles today and the impossible tomorrow – consistently

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The secret of being able to do miracles today and the impossible tomorrow – consistently

In this day and age only urgent and very urgent matters exist anymore. Surely sounds like trotting along the treadmill set to one or two speed levels too high. Though I mean this more figuratively, I am certain that you can identify with how tiring this race can be, especially if work and life in general demand of you that you never relent and you must always go at this fast pace. Amazingly, the majority of working folks do this day in and day out.

There is a method to this madness that lets you not only cope with this type of exhaustion, but actually will let you outright master it:

  1. Plan ahead: This is the most important step you can possibly take. Take inventory of what really matters to you and what you value. The things that you must do to make a living and then also the items that you are passionate about. They give you energy. Then make sure that you prioritize these items. Plan ahead well ahead of your regular deadlines. Only when you create pockets of time for you to be able to i.e. think about a few issues, but also for pondering the other points in depth below. This will finally take you off said treadmill of misery for a while.
  2. Simplify and de-clutter your life: Clutter is stress. Get rid of the things that clutter your work space, but also at home. Every time that you see the mess, you will automatically get stressed out even more just thinking about it. De-cluttering helps sort out the important stuff from the time wasters. The more orderly your stuff, the quicker you can react to outward influences that can suddenly take up your time.
  3. Capacity: There are two basic ways to gain time and efficiency back. First one is eliminating the task because it provides no value other than you getting the rush from striking another item off your list. Second one is also easier said than done depending on your working culture and your own preconceived notions – delegation. Do either one, or both and you will have more time doing the things that you are really supposed to be doing.
  4. Stamina: Your mission organization done consistently here will build up muscle. Practicing your stuff enough times in a day and week will let you become a continual improvement guru. It is job security when you help others do their jobs better and your organization will of course be better off too. Never stand still though as the corporate climate changes constantly.
  5. Recharging time: Your health is the most precious gift that you got in your life. I do not care how brilliant your head is – you still need it and the whole rest of your body to hold up your brilliant head and function properly for a long time. And I mean a LONG time. Never be afraid asking for help when you need it and to offer it when you can give it. Eat and be well.

In a way I would love if we could contract this out to a third party from time to time. I wish there was a UPS Yesterday service – they sure have just about any of the other rush delivery versions hashed out. Anything from same day to three day service can make your life so much easier.

The reality of it is though that just doing it faster does not make it really or feel good about ourselves. That is beside the point that your responses had better line up with what your boss expects. What if your intellect, heart, and instinct do not line up with what you are doing (or being) just now? Plan ahead, worry about your passion, and the time and money will follow.


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