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The secret to attracting money and success – Can you push fate along?

The secret to attracting money and success – Can you push fate along? Smaller FB

Money and success are not pursued directly. They get attracted by what you have become. Time and again I come across folks who honestly feel and think that they have done things that make them deserving of a big break, or attention and money.

Can you push fate and synchronicity? There is no clear right or wrong answer to this, but definitely a better or best approach. The worst approach in terms of long term sustainability is to point blank ask for the change and what you are after. There may be times when that is what you need to do. When this something deals with anything that you are truly passionate about, or something that totally defines you that is neither the time nor moment to do so.

Choose your passion and open yourself up to others genuinely. Increase your self-awareness and continuously better yourself. Let your inner light shine through. Other people will get it. That is exactly the beautiful thing about this process: People, success, and ultimately your financial sustainability will find you. They like to hang out with you and support and love you for whom you have become. Fate will pull you in instead you pushing it around.

This is not unlike trying to push a rope. The moment your intent gets too one directional who knows where it will go from there. Rarely will it go into the direction you were hoping for – long or short term. Ropes much like fate need a gentle tug. Then it will form a nice tight straight line. Follow that straight line and success and significance will wait at the end of it.


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4 thoughts on “The secret to attracting money and success – Can you push fate along?

  1. Great insights on the “pursuit of happiness” or success.
    “happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue” – Viktor Frankl
    The rope image is also quite illuminating from the aspect of the pointlessness of pushing on a rope.


  2. Excellent post Ralf, a good reminder.


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