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The harder you look, the lesser the chance you will find what you are looking for

The harder you look, the lesser the chance you will find what you are looking for Smaller FB

Let it be a business solution, your purpose, or finding a future significant other, actively searching for this can be a huge drag. What happens here is that your brain keeps going in circles in what it knows, what it has tried before, and therefore it often just comes back to the same end results: Status quo.

The best thing you can do at this juncture is to retreat and regroup – figuratively speaking. In essence you need to gain perspective and look at your situation from a much higher elevation. This can often help you broaden your horizon and finally see that there may be more or different options.

The next solution set is what I call the “3 Life Lines Process”. You will recognize that it’s heritage comes from a famous TV show, but it applies here perfectly. The first life line is “Call a friend”, meaning that you should seek and connect with your friends – mind you, friends and not acquaintances because that is a different life line. A good friend will know you and your situation and just spending quality time with her can unlock unbelievable potent information that typically helps the both of you along.

The next best solution finder life line is the “Ask the audience”. Now you can extend your search for answers or inspiring questions to acquaintances and other bystanders that may not know you extremely well, but they may offer insights about a specific matter you could not make your “own” yet. This one takes a little bit of sorting out, but with help of a few folks this can turn up the most options.

Finally there is the “50/50” chance that something either works or it doesn’t  This is not an invitation or suggestion to just risk betting the farm on it, but instead this is perfect for small scale prototyping of your ideas. Define the both choices to any issues and then choose the one that looks best to you. At the end of the experiment you will finally have a good idea of what works. If it doesn’t then you will at least be able to rest in comfort that you were able to eliminate a solution that is not worthwhile cluttering your mind with anymore. That carries a lot of worth.

Biggest lesson learned here is not to look harder and harder for solutions, but instead slowing your activities down and inviting other people and strategies into your solution mix. What can you lose? Give it a try.


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