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It is not a failure – it is a success not yet realized

It is not a failure – it is a success not yet realized Smaller FB

Life is all about the perspective we choose to review our venues. There are many instances when people around us may look at success in a binary way: Yes it was, or no, it was not successful. If it was not, then all it means is that it had not been successful yet. There is a small, but very important difference here.

There are many famous instances where the artist, scientist, entrepreneur, etc had to struggle time and again to make his product or service work well enough and also interesting enough for it to also become financially viable. When you want to do something new then there will be things that will not work out well – but they will take risk in order to move them along. Trying anyway and shipping the first few is the beginning to turning the not yet to a full success.

It is risky to break the inertia of most big and even small companies that would rather settle on guaranteed income than experimenting with something creative that could become a game changer. In fact it takes for you yourself to ponder your own self-limiting fears that keep you from soaring with eagles.

Very rarely will you come across a true failure. In fact the only such one is giving up. The only concept that works well in a self-sustaining manner is for you to keep working at your ideas. Keep building and shipping products / services, even if it is prototypes. Do not lose your focus. Tell your friends and family what path you intend to take. Then deliver upon your intentions. Watch what will happen.  You will eventually succeed.


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4 thoughts on “It is not a failure – it is a success not yet realized

  1. AMEN, Ralf !!!!


  2. Absolutely !!!!


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