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Want it or not, you are the proud owner of “Brand U”

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Want it or not, you are the proud owner of “Brand U”

Brand U is the concept of what you stand for to the people around you. Depending on where you stand on the issue, you either are embracing, or fighting it. One thing is certain though, you stand for something and you cannot do anything about that – your choice is whether or not you want to influence it and hopefully for the better too.

People form an image of you depending on the roles you play and the social setting you are in. Your written and verbal skills are constantly weighed and compared with your behavioral patterns such as gestures, mimics, how consistent and congruent you are, and what other people might have to say about you. This goes on 24/7/365 and fighting this is futile.

The rules here is rather basic for improving your Brand U image: The more honest you are with yourself, the more honest and direct you come across to others. Consistency is just as important. Sticking to truth and integrity makes for very short sentences when you have to explain the choices you have made in life.

Then there is the path to your soul and spiritual being: Your smile is the red carpet you roll out to others no matter who it may be. No matter how many people there are planet wide. Due to technological advancement Earth has shrunk and you never know if and how your actions will make a change in other people.

The really interesting part is how history seems to almost always overshadow your Brand U image of today. What I mean by that is how easy one tarnished spot in the past can really negatively impact your present and future image and therefore also how people will approach you. Pay close attention what you put on your social media outlets you and your friends use. A few careless moments captured on camera and a few lines you should have kept to yourself can end up as part of your legacy for a long time to come. It is not impossible to come back from this, but it is never easy and it almost always takes a long time.

Good news is that there is always another day around for a new and fresh start. Yes, it is possible to start out with no, or even a throughout negative image out there. The moment you make the choice of making a change with yourself you will be firmly on the road to a better you and plenty of future friendships coming your way.

The moment you start “shipping” results, you are firmly on the path to building a new Brand U for yourself. The stronger your conviction about the direction you have chosen, the faster you build up respect for you and whatever cause you should pick.

Deliver something every day. This can range from a friendly and genuine conversation to outright social media frenzy. Totally your pick, but make sure that you are actively engaged in whatever and whenever you want to put your material out there for everyone to see and use.


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