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So you think you have got it bad? How much are you willing to risk for your beliefs?

So you think you have got it bad? How much are you willing to risk for your beliefs? Smaller FB

When we have nothing to risk, we usually freely let it rip and share our opinions with anyone we can think off – freely. Using social media we can reach so many folks in an instant too. Conversely, many of us clam up when there is something at stake. Think about losing your job for instance. When would you pull out all stops and get up and risk something substantial in order to right the wrong? Something that affects your core values. Let’s look at a sobering example from yesteryear.

February of 2013 marked the 70th anniversary of the execution of the key members of the German resistance group “White Rose” (Die Weisse Rose). They were mostly students located in Munich Germany who paid the ultimate price for believing that the Nazis were committing fallacy after fallacy, and crimes against humanity.

Just 6 months prior to their untimely end, they had distributed student protest pamphlets at their university in Munich. They endured capture, trial, and their final walk to the guillotine with great bravery. They lost their lives all for having distributed a protest pamphlet(!) outlining what they believed was wrong and how to correct it. Compare this with the many interesting stories from people you know through your Facebook and perhaps Blog connections etc. who protest against, or for something.

Life is all about perspective. In peaceful times, living in a democracy where you can just about say and do anything, and protest about anything anywhere you would like, may have made all of us complacent thinking about at what cost this came to others. How do you appreciate what we enjoy today? Is it being threatened?


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