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When you fly by the seat of your pants you had better not wear super short pants

When you fly by the seat of your pants you had better not wear super short pants IMAG0909

Winging it can be fun and exhilarating. It does come with the nasty side effect that not having a plan can leave up going down the proverbial creek without a paddle. Risks and rewards are equally high and that is why some of us go for this kind of planning – having no plan at all. It borders fatalism though.

My best friend and I once went on a Fall motor cycle ride through France to Monaco and back through Italy, Switzerland, and then back to northern Germany. We had planned our trip pretty well with the exception of what was supposed to be the last day on our way back from the French Alps. First we were surprised by a freak snow fall on a mountain pass and then in the middle of Switzerland it dawned on us that the trip back really represented so much riding that we should make yet another overnight stop somewhere.

By that time it was so late that we no longer had the time to get a hotel for the night. I suggested that we literally ride this out and “just” continue riding throughout the night. Boy did I screw this one up. My buddy did not talk with me for three days after this. The longer we rode the more tired and cold we got. That was the longest ride in my life. Lesson learned here was that a) it is better to take it easy traveling long distances and b) you need to allow for time to plan ahead.

Yes, I know, some of the spice of life lies in not having a plan for everything; it does not take an awful lot of effort not to plan which may be tempting for folks who never have time in the day for anything. Then again, too much of anything can really hurt you. Finding the balance between raw excitement and planning ahead is something that each one of us should take serious enough to at least ponder once and a while. I have to concede that most of the so called “emergencies” in my life have been caused by not having allowed the time for planning and thus not having a backup plan (another case of pay me now or pay me later).

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