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This is what separates boys from men

This is what separates boys from men Ralf a

Usually this adage is used to express a state where young boys grow up to become real men. I think that may be just the other way around. While it is portrayed to be an advantage, grown-ups have one key disadvantage compared to youngsters: They lack curiosity. Our young folks have plenty of it.

Just look at how creatively and ambitiously our young folks approach their challenges. They are a curious bunch who are not afraid of trying new and oftentimes outright scary things. Older people lose this curiosity over time. It’s sad, but normal.

We adult lose this sense of wonder just because after a while of risking taking, sometimes we get burnt badly. Eventually, it gets old to get hurt in the process and we stop being curious.  We just risk less.

The advantages of remaining young at heart and remaining as curious as can be are multifaceted. Embracing change and new technologies are two key things that employers for instance, are really looking for in new employees. That is controlled risk taking at its best.

How can you emulate this young spirit and just start being more curious again? What do you really have to risk?


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