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I prefer a hug over 100 Facebook likes, how about you?

I prefer a hug over 100 Facebook likes, how about you? Smaller FB

Social media are great. I just love it. And then again, nothing beats a great warm hug – person to person. One thing that social media has not been able to do is to genuinely connect us humans the same way as sharing a moment together in person. How do we balance the two?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Use social media and all its bounty of technology to the fullest. At the same time scan for opportunities where you can – I actually should, if not must – seek face to face meetings. Do not be afraid of personal contact like a hug either.

  1. Funerals: They are tough. Filled with emotions they can be really tough. As tough as it is try making a genuine new connection or rekindle an existing one.
  2. Moments of collaborating genius: No matter where you meet, there are tremendous opportunities getting to know new people, and / or meeting folks at a completely different level.
  3. Major disagreements: Get up and meet in person. Using texts and e-mails when you are upset are mind-numbingly ineffective. Meet in person.
  4. Friends in need: This is the positive version to number 3. When friends are in dire need of help, meet in person. Flush out the real back ground of the issues. Your active listening may lead to finding a solution, and you earn respect and trust.
  5. Meeting your future significant other: You may be able finding your mate online, but you had better eventually meet in person.
  6. What are your greatest moments of clarity and genuine community? Please share in the comment section.

Don’t get me wrong, I just love connecting over the Internet and use whatever new tools come our way enhancing my relationships and helping other folks wherever I can. At the end of the day, I still make sure that I go out into our interesting world seeking personal contact. A truly genuine moment between two or more people will still take our breath away, and it will be with us forever.


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2 thoughts on “I prefer a hug over 100 Facebook likes, how about you?

  1. Another good post, Ralph. I think you can have the best of both worlds. Social media, such as WordPress, brings us the chance to communicate and form connections with people we may never meet. But it doesn’t have to be about replacing face-to-face contact, it can be in addition to your existing personal connections.


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