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Differentiate and then integrate: Most successful businesses and people do both

Differentiate and then integrate: Most successful businesses and people do both cup

The vast majority of people can point out issues, problems, and why stuff won’t work. Very few will take the time to work on finding solutions and even fewer will publicly mention them. Have you looked at successful people and businesses though? They typically belong to the few who make a difference by finding and then implementing their solutions. Successful people look forward, do something in the present and only look backward for reference. (click to tweet this).

That’s where the cookie crumbles; it is not difficult at all turning this around for you. First and foremost you will need to make sure that you are addressing the root of a problem and not a mere symptom. Compare, contrast, and then differentiate between the better and average solution to an issue. Next step is working on developing prudent solutions, or better yet case scenarios. Once you have your solutions “cooking” recipe have no fear and introduce and implement one of them.

Are you not also sick of people and groups who do an awful lot of complaining and finger pointing? Most of them get a lot of attention, but what happens from there? They do not get anything done. Complaining very rarely helps solving anything – at least not quickly. Make a difference and next time you find an issue that is dear and clear to you find and introduce your solution to it. You’ll be glad you did. It’s almost impossible not to succeed.


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