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The little things you may not appreciate – because there is nothing to compare too

The little things you may not appreciate – because there is nothing to compare too Ralf a

There are so many things we love to complain about. Here is a different thought for you: You may be standing on the greener grass side of the fence as it would appear to other people. Take driver’s licenses for instance. In Pennsylvania a learner’s permit will cost you $35. Sure, you need a care with insurance (hopefully) and a parent who is willing training the young one how to drive. Taking the test and getting a license is still very affordable. In fact here it is the insurance that draws the complaints like crazy. Rightfully so but before you complain look around for a little contrast.

Compare this to Germany for instance. When I got my driver’s license it cost $1300 for my car and motorcycle license. Yes, you read this absolutely correctly. Back then you had to have successfully driven a minimum of 12 lessons at $35 each before you could even take the practical test. For about 8 weeks you had to take theoretical lessons as well for being able to take the questionnaire. Today’s price has risen to around $2000. That is not considering all the different restrictions I will not even get into.

While on one hand you would not want to be untrained driving on the Autobahn, the price is pretty steep for the privilege of driving like only flying is nicer. How do you feel about the hassle on this side of the Atlantic getting the young folks a driver’s license now? Sometimes we feel like complaining about everything when in fact our lives are much better than you may think.


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2 thoughts on “The little things you may not appreciate – because there is nothing to compare too

  1. Hi Ralf. A good example of something we generally take for granted. In the U.K. passing the Driving Test is much harder than when I took mine, about 30 years ago. (Makes me feel old!) There is a theory test now and additional driving skills to complete. It still took me two attempts to pass, so it didn’t feel too easy back then!


    • Hi Steve;
      I am not that far behind as far as the “old” part is concerned. Even back then the practical test already was driving in city traffic for 25 minutes including parallel parking. I understand that the time frame has been bumped up to over 30 minutes. If you took the test on a car with automatic transmission you are only permitted driving ones with automatic later. For motor cycles you can only start with a 27hp one. After a year or so you can take another test to ride a bigger bike. It’s a sheer money pit for driver’s schools. In Pennsylvania I took the car and cycle test on an empty parking lot. Have a great week. Ralf


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