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Where is the key to happiness?

Where is the key to happiness? Puzzled

Bad news: There is no key to happiness. Good news: It is not locked. Isn’t it amazing how many folks think that happiness is a final destination? All that is needed is a key for unlocking the secret to where and how to find it. Yeah, right. Happiness is just as elusive as customer satisfaction. It’s there one second and gone another.

Moments of happiness almost but automatically happen when everything you do is congruent with your values, priorities, goals, health, spirituality, time and money, altruism, and relationships. And that is the key to happiness: Review these key items and plan them out carefully. You are firmly on the way to increasing your moments of happiness. There are many more nuances to happiness and what in- and decreases it. If you are part of the current workforce now then it starts here. Remember that the actual pursuit is often more satisfying than the moment of getting to your final destination.


PS: There is an excellent article on happiness in this Time Magazine’s article about the pursuit of it (click here)

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