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A few easy steps to totally mess up your career – and your life

A few easy steps to totally mess up your career – and your life Ralf a

In many ways it is actually really hard to destroy your career. Yet some folks appear to have found a handbook on how to do exactly that efficiently and expediently. Please find below a list that will successfully lead to dead end career paths. Its impact is not limited to your job, it can totally scuttle your social life as well.

  • Find problems, but no solutions.
  • Take everything personal and try to get even with people who may have wronged you.
  • Profusely use sarcasm and cynicism.
  • Tell others what you cannot and will not do.
  • Talk and never listen.
  • Manage work stress by publicly venting using coarse and offensive language. Make sure that everyone knows that you are stressed and not happy. Slam down your phone or throw things around.
  • Openly threaten people with physical harm.
  • Think of problems rather than opportunities when it comes to change.
  • Let others worry about showing a sense of urgency and ownership.
  • Live in the past, see no point of the future, and complain about the here and now. Repeat and recycle as much as possible.
  • Do not ask for change. Just cling to hope that someone will notice your contributions, needs, and wants.
  • Rarely if ever ask for special assignments.
  • Show up unprepared or late for meetings.
  • While attending meetings say and share very little. After the meeting complain about the meeting and its lack of making progress.
  • Use company resources mainly for your non-business needs.
  • Do not even think about learning any new skill.
  • Gossip like there is no tomorrow. Do this to the extent where your co-workers will find or make up a reason not to speak or hang out with you.
  • Make sure pointing out where everybody else did not do their jobs.
  • Leave commitment management and keeping your promises to others.
  • Leave a trail and pattern of incompetency and mistakes behind you.
  • Intentionally withhold and / or alter information.
  • Totally disregard gun, drug, smoking, and alcohol policies.
  • Only worry about yourself and no one and nothing else.
  • Consistently show up late.
  • Make no effort to look for work and assignments when you are done with your regular tasks. Go on the Internet and browse a little instead.
  • Check your private texts and mails as well as personal computing devices as much and often as possible.
  • When showing up for interviews, make sure to show up late, dress inappropriately, and for heaven’s sake please do not research the company on the Internet. Talk a lot about the job you used to have, but not the one that’s being offered. Offer no clue how you will bring the new job to life.
  • What other ideas could you share? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Isn’t it amazing how many items above we can think of and how fast we can collect them? While I am intentionally sarcastic about this topic, this list is based on real life experiences encountered in various places over a 30 year career. Look at each bullet item and think about a better way of dealing with these issues. In order to be successful, turn them around by 180 degrees. If that does not work there is another simple trick to succeeded at your career. Think of all the things that drive you nuts about other people at work and yourself. Now imagine what good or better examples would look like. Make that your list of things to implement a priority. You will be glad you did.


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2 thoughts on “A few easy steps to totally mess up your career – and your life

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Well done my friend – keep soaring – T

    Dr. Tom Hill http://www.tomhillinstitute.com Coauthor – Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul


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