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The ultimate irony of being a human – at work

The ultimate irony of being a human – at work Ralf a

Being human is such a special and truly unique condition unlike any other being on Mother Earth. Take a look at the list below and see if I forgot mentioning anything. Also, compare and contrast it with what you do and who you are at work. For most people it is the ultimate irony that we are so blessed with many, many unique attributes, but we do use them at work.

A human

  • loves
  • fights
  • writes
  • shares
  • thinks
  • speaks
  • teaches
  • serves
  • develops
  • forgets
  • errs
  • hopes
  • forgives
  • laughs
  • procrastinates
  • plans
  • feels
  • hurts
  • travels
  • motivates
  • fears
  • judges
  • listens
  • protects
  • respects
  • meets
  • leads
  • follows
  • trusts
  • longs
  • belongs
  • masters
  • believes
  • seeks
  • aspires
  • inspires
  • perspires
  • wanders
  • wonders
  • ponders
  • communicates
  • knows what is right or wrong
  • lets go
  • makes choices
  • makes promises
  • makes use of his senses
  • has compassion
  • has empathy
  • has intellect
  • has a heart
  • has an instinct
  • has friends
  • has family
  • has a spirit
  • has a soul
  • has faith
  • has enthusiasm
  • has a will
  • has confidence
  • has a vision
  • has a passion
  • has a mission
  • gives energy to others
  • is part of a tribe (in fact more than one)
  • is confident
  • is light hearted
  • is heavy hearted
  • shows integrity
  • pushes the boundaries
  • Can you think of more?

What makes this so ironic is that we can choose any of the above attributes. Most do not make use of the choices we can and should make. How much of it do you do at work and elsewhere? Being human (Mensch sein) is a special gift. Let’s make sure we live up to that at work also.


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