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Traveling two ways: Curious and happy or self-centered and miserable?

Traveling two ways: Curious and happy or self-centered and miserable? Ralf a

To which group of people do you belong? Especially air travel can be miserable at its worst otherwise there would not have been a whole TV show dedicated to the topic. Quite a few folks are very miserable and outright rude. Does this get them any better service or do their problems really get any better? I doubt it and that is why I chose a long time ago to always having an open mind and be a happy traveler no matter how many issues arise during any trip. Sometimes I fall behind with that goal, but those instances are very few and far between.

I encourage you thinking back at your most recent trips and taking inventory how you felt and reacted when things did not exactly turn out the way they should have. Yelling at the gate agent very rarely if ever gets you anything other than getting another person aligned against you. Ask yourself if the incident will have any meaning in a year from now. Well, I am willing to bet that 99% of the cases what will be left are all but a distant memory. If that is so, do not get your blood pressure shoot through the roof then.

Smile. Yep, it’s that simple. Get yourself to smile and you just might get rock star treatment. So many gate agents and check-in folks deal with so many sour pusses every day that the one smiling customer may get a special day and does not know it yet. I cannot even begin telling you about the many times I got upgrades, better seating and boarding assignments, and even fee waivers for merely acknowledging the person in front of me as a genuine human being. Be genuine, be kind, and smile away my friends.

Chill out. Our 20 seconds attention span really is annoying. Impatience just begets increased blood pressure, friction, yelling, and overall discontent. Why are you doing this to yourself? This is totally your choice to either getting worked up about something that in most cases you cannot really do anything about, or to chill and taking it in strides.

Park your ego (the world is not out to get you!) and take a seat. Do some people watching instead of feeding your lizard brain by starting to yell. The moment you engage in “fight” mode the downward spiral begins to unwind. Nobody wins when that happens.

Plan ahead. Thinking of plan B well ahead of time before you need it lets you worry less and you’ll be on the way faster in case you encounter trouble. This ranges from having all your electronic devices charged up, knowing alternate flights, hotels, and rental car arrangements.

Be curious. Chatting with the folks next to you is sometimes an absolute delight. I have met such great folks over the years and the most unassuming person sometimes may surprise you with what and who they are. Don’t clam up and just sit there; you are wasting your own and someone else’s potential moment of greatness. If for nothing it makes the time go by much faster.

Will there be times when you have standing your ground and making a case for yourself? Absolutely! As long as you do not make it personal you’ll be in great shape. Remaining positive in those challenging travelling moments is key to getting on your way faster and with fewer frayed nerves. Yelling only gets you closer to high blood pressure and more trouble.


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