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The secret to faster reading and understanding – mental jogging

The secret to faster reading and understanding – mental jogging Ralf a

My granddad used to say “what rests, rusts” and he figuratively meant the brain muscle. He had been a proponent of always exercising physically, but also mentally. He lived to be 85 years old and he would have been around a lot longer if intestinal cancer had not claimed his life. He was sharp as a tack until the end. He always asserted that reading and writing kept his brain active and without this exercise the brain just starts to go into fatal dormancy.

I have become a total believer in what I would call mental jogging. The more I read and write the faster I process information and the more I crave more reading and writing. A while back a good friend of mine recommended checking out an online speed reading course offered through Eye Q Advantage. In a 7 minute free demo I was able doubling my reading and comprehension speed.

I was amazed and went on to keep reading as much and often I could. Today I am hovering at around 1000 words per minute, proving my friend and my granddad correct: Mental jogging not only helps keep your brain moving, but it provides the key exercise to a muscle in our body most of us do not use to its full potential. Do not trust me here; give it a try yourself. You will not regret it and it’s only a time commitment of around 7 minutes a day.

For any entrepreneur and business leader reading this I would highly recommend pondering how much written information you and your folks need to process throughout the day. Imagine the increase in productivity that you can realize by increasing your reading speed.


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