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If the broom fits, ride it

If the broom fits, ride it Ralf a

This is a close cousin of “if the shoe fits, wear it”. It’s a phrase related to someone complaining about something offensive being said him-/ herself who then complains about this to another individual. This second person may actually agree with the initial comment and thus use sarcasm in the process to let the point come across:

If you complain and whine about it then there may be something to the comment and you need not complain about it because you just helped validate the point of the statement to be true or at least possibly be true.

Avoiding this uneasy commentary can be difficult because of mostly one reason. This happens when you start taking things too literally and personally. In other words your ego is high-jacking your rational thought and with the help of a little third party help from the bouncer you may find yourself outside the pub in a few moments. Park your ego and do not drag your stuff into an otherwise useless diatribe.

If you are really nasty along these lines don’t be surprised if someone uses the broom version on you. Good news is that all of it comes down to choices that are under your control. Either you let go and take what’s being said with a grain of salt, or you can saddle up your broom and take off with it. For my part I highly recommend staying on the ground and try to learn from the experience and what is being said about you. Sarcasm is no one’s friend anyway.


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