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6 quick ways of how to not use LinkedIn or any other web site like it

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6 quick ways of how to not use LinkedIn or any other web site like it 

LinkedIn is one of the most important professional web sites among all business social media sites. If you are not on it, you are missing out on jobs, career and business advancement, and of course lots of other useful information about companies and special interest groups. Even your future customers hang out here. Don’t take my word for it; here is an excellent book by Eve Mayer Orsburn about LinkedIn that is a really great read.

Somehow, quite a few folks still make a few cardinal mistakes when they get an account. Please find my favorite short list for your consideration.

  • Connecting without knowing the contact personally. Trust me on this one; you’ll regret it later if you don’t. How good is a recommendation if you are not even remotely connected with someone? What if you would like to ask for a connection to someone else? Without a personal relationship you will have a hard time providing value for your connections and visa-versa.
  • Asking for favors without providing value. It’s a golden rule: Do not ask for favors. Ask for a connection instead. Just imagine if you were the recipient of the requests from someone who keeps asking for favors? That gets old quick and you just may get unfriended soon.
  • Using LinkedIn’s mail system for broadcasting mails. There is a word for that: Spam. Spam me once and I will let you know that I don’t appreciate it. Do it again and you may get unfriended. Think that I am the only one who does this? Do not take your chances. It is easy sending mails out to multiple people and still making it personal. If the personal connection is missing, it’s spam.
  • Looking and applying for jobs without having an up to date and relevant profile. Should be obvious, but common sense is not common practice. If anyone looks up your profile and it is not up to date or does not relate to the job you are applying to, you may have lost out on a big opportunity because folks cannot make a connection with you and the job.
  • Having no recommendations and / or videos, personal web site, blog, etc. At this time and age you should be out on the web and your Google search with your name should be visible on the first page and if you have positioned yourself well perhaps even pages 2 and 3. Don’t you think you will be able to give folks a good impression of what you are all about and what you stand for? Come on, it is easier than you think to start making an impact. Don’t know where to start? How about asking for a recommendation if you know that you did a great job for someone.
  • Having no profile photo of yourself. This one is so simple to do, and yet there are still folks out there who do not get the importance of a good profile picture of yourself. Instagram is showing off how important pictures are anymore. If for nothing else please put up a profile picture.

LinkedIn can end up helping you get a new career, or even just let you enjoy work a lot more. Either way, there is a way to kick it up a notch. Be yourself and provide a lot of value; you will not have to worry about getting contacts. Remember that this site is not about a popularity contest. It is not whom you know, but who knows you and can be connecting you with someone else. Even better is an unsolicited recommendation and perhaps even a referral. Make sure to earn them.


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