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When a smart phone turns us into thoughtless drones

When a smart phone turns us into thoughtless drones Ralf a

During a recent vacation trip we took a bus ride to an attraction in the evening when it occurred to me that we may have turned our brains totally over to the smart phone. Though there were no lights on in the bus, a whole bunch of folks had their smart phones out. Droids, iPads, iPods, iAnything were in full action helping their owners checking on favorite apps, texts, and mail etc. It was actually quite bright on the bus. If the lights had not come on for the upcoming stops the bus had to make, I venture saying that some of the people would have missed where they had to go. What have we done to ourselves?

My curiosity was sparked by the bus incident so I paid more attention to wherever I had to go during the following days. Oh my. Much more drone action at bus stops, restaurants, waiting lines, etc. In fact there are not many spots left anymore where people do not check their electronic devices. And I mean even there, where I am NEVER on the phone. Yup. We have turned into mindless drones all right.

I use the term “we” and “us” because I reviewed my own habits and must admit that I been disgusted to find out that I have been on my little habit forming device way too much as well. I found myself checking the screen whenever I had a little free, meaning brain idling time. Of course then there are the inevitable JGI (Just Google It) moments. That’s why we have no phone and cook books or a dictionary within reach anymore. Here is a good blog post about this syndrome (Click here).

Unreal. I came up with a little strategy that I think we all should ponder making a habit of:

  • Make a point turning your airplane mode on for a few hours each day.
  • Turn your device to silent or vibrate – for everything.
  • Leave it at your desk when you go to meetings when you are at work.
  • Instead of checking your app, text, or mail, go and speak with the people that mean a lot to you in person.

Yes, I know it will take a while weaning you off of the devices. It has taken me a few days now to not be on this thing too much. I am enjoying the time that all of my family members are actually looking and speaking with each other. How about you? Would you not also want this too? Perhaps we can delay or totally stop us from turning into mindless beasts.


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