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Do not go on reading this if you do not want to change where you are today

Do not go on reading this if you do not want change where you are today Smaller FB

Isn’t it fascinating how many people are unhappy with their careers and lives and yet they do not do anything about it? What appears to be happening is that the pain of remaining the same is not greater that the pain of changing (read more on that here). The solution is mind mindbogglingly simple though. Make an active choice to be happy where you are, or choose to do something about it – just do not do anything and be miserable every day about it.

The status-quo is painful to watch and listen to. FB and other social media sites are full of status updates that begin or end with “ugh”. Many of the folks “cannot wait for Friday afternoon to roll around” and it’s only Monday. Yet, the day job is having a great comeback as far as popularity is concerned (click to view Forbes article).

Do not waste your life away complaining and longing for something that you will do something about some day. That day is either now or never. Get busy living.


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2 thoughts on “Do not go on reading this if you do not want to change where you are today

  1. “Change” is something that most human beings seem to want to avoid, most probably because of hidden fears. The majority would seem to sooner want to stay in the “victim modus” , conveniently avoiding self-responsibility, than to positively do anything about their present status. The blame for their dilemmas and disillusions is often placed on others instead of themselves, changing their environment.
    The planet is in a constant change of development. A pity the human race hasn´t yet caught on with this piece of basic knowledge.
    Best regards from the blog of Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself. 🙂


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