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Can courage be learned, or do you need to be born with it?

Can courage be learned, or do you need to be born with it? Ralf a

I hear this all the time that people are born with courage and that it cannot be taught – to anyone. Isn’t that totally wrong? When I reflect upon my own life I must say that overcoming my fears and thus having courage did not come easy at all at first. There were so many instances of rather interesting challenges that I had ample opportunities learning how to conquer my fears.

These cases left patterns and I believe that everyone can make use of them. As such they appear to be teachable proving that courage is a value that can be learned.

  • At the root of fear is anxiety. Take a deep breath and realize that you are actually ok for the moment. Build yourself up from there.
  • Take small steps towards overcoming big fear items. Smaller calculated risks are easier to cope with than one big one.
  • Practice, practice, practice. It’s a little like going to school again, but it is true. When you make a habit of doing courageous things then you will not feel like a fish out of water when a really big fear surprise event occurs.
  • Read about inspiring quotes or books. Nothing beats tapping into other people’s experiences with courage. No need for another wheel to be invented. (Click here for an example)
  • Last, but not least is speaking with specialists about your fears.

Every time that you face fear and you make it through is really another step to learning how to be courageous. In fact, do not wonder about what other people tell you about being courageous means. You version of courage all but automatically emerges when you deal with your fears – case by case. Go prove people wrong that courage cannot be learned.


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4 thoughts on “Can courage be learned, or do you need to be born with it?

  1. Great piece! According to Aristotle courage is a virtue. As such it is learned through doing. The courageous one is the one who performs courageous actions and the one who does so becomes more capable of performing courageous actions. In the medieval literature it is both an intellectual virtue and a moral virtue.


    • Hello John;
      Good grief! Thank you for helping me classify courage correctly. How could I forget that it is a virtue indeed? Thanks for the great comment. Have a great continuation of your trip. Ralf


  2. A great topic for a post, Ralph.
    I think we are all born with unique attributes, but are able to modify them, either consciously or subconsciously. Research has shown that thinking alters our brain chemistry, and habitual thinking does so to a greater extent. This suggests to me that “courage”, or at least a positive proactive way of thinking, can be learnt.


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