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When you try pleasing everyone you will almost certainly forget one person: Yourself

When you try pleasing everyone you will almost certainly forget one person: Yourself Smaller FB

I really like when people get along and I try making peace and providing an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. There is always a potential that this will not last. No matter how hard you try, there is always someone who has special requests, expectations, and whatever else, which may cut into the comfort zone of others. Worse yet, what if you don’t think about your own needs and wants? Nobody wins in the worst case scenario and you are sacrificing your physical and mental health.

Growing up with two alcoholic parents was so traumatic that all I wanted was to be left alone and I wanted peace and quiet – at least for a little while. It shaped how I interacted with folks at school and apprenticeship until much later in life. Trying to please others was exhausting and I found out about this the hard way. It was not until 1995 when I almost totally lost track what my life was and what I wanted it to look like. Looking ahead and actually planning my life and career had all but completely stopped. What a mess. I had peace, but I no longer had my own identity nailed down.

I am hoping you are not anywhere close to this level of self-sacrifice, but I would love nothing more than for you to ponder if you are living your life without totally forgetting about yourself. Mind you, that this is different from me telling you to be selfish. Instead, understand this as an invitation to create a healthier balance between you leading an authentic life and trying not to have too much stress because you are being candid. You can rarely please everyone.


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