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The most overlooked monetary investment option

The most overlooked monetary investment option Ralf a

For the most of us money plays a huge role. Primarily we know two options what to do with it. Either spend it, or save it. Yet, there is a third option that we often totally ignore and that is sharing it. It’s part of paying it forward. Also, it is just the right thing to do; just ask a faith based institution. It is one key virtue that we must not overlook.

There are many different ways how you can share your own wealth (and we are all wealthy especially when we are healthy):

  • Donation to a worthy cause
  • Making a habit to make a total stranger who is in need enough money to be able to make it through another day
  • Keeping current with your dues at church, home, and work.
  • Giving your gift of paying on time will let an entrepreneur sleep easier at nights.
  • Time is money. The greatest wealth you have is sharing your time. Perhaps that is of immense value to someone?
  • There are so many ways to share. Got a few more ideas?

The most important take away from this is that there is more to money than the binary spend or save it options. Just think about commercials in every media: spend the money on something new, or save money in banks, investments etc. How much of this hoopla ever asks you to share a part of it? When you think about your finances think about a three way split. For the third part, how much are you willing to share and where and how do you intend to do so?

Sharing our gifts with friends, family, folks in need, and also total strangers is an important virtue and elementary in being human.   When we share we give other people a big piece of hope back. Hope goes a long way. Finally, be ready to receive. The one who gives, will also receive – tenfold (when you give without expectations).


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2 thoughts on “The most overlooked monetary investment option

  1. This is very true, some great suggestions here. It’s also a win-win situation. You can’t give to someone else, without receiving yourself, in one way or another. Thanks, Ralf.


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