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How to become your own shrink

How to become your own shrink Smaller FB

Sometimes it is so easy getting lost in life. When that happens, a lot of folks employ coaches or therapists. Nothing beats a solid third party point of view in trying to sort it all out. Then again, what if you could solve those issues on your own?

Many of our issues actually are related to our brains getting too cluttered with thoughts telling us we have no options to choose from, or there are too many and we cannot make up our mind. How can you help yourself here without having to break the bank?

One of the simplest strategies is starting to blog. It is mind boggling straight forward: In order to write about anything you must first reflect upon the topic and how you feel about the subject matter. Then you need to formulate a thesis statement followed by backing it up with e.g. comparing and / or contrasting arguments. After a few blogs you will most likely realize really quickly that your thoughts have become clearer and much more focused. If your thoughts are not clear you will not be able carrying this through and making something clear(er) to others.

Another cheap caveat to writing a blog is keeping a personal journal. Once you have put down your thoughts on paper make a habit of going back in time a few weeks reading what you wrote. Even without having a detailed agenda you will recognize patterns from which you can draw upon when you need to come up with new car.

Finally, seek professional help if you get stuck and your head is still in a pretzel. Peace of mind is an integral part of happiness and living a content life. Happy pondering.


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6 thoughts on “How to become your own shrink

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Well done my friend. T

    Tom Hill http://www.tomhillinstitute.com


  2. Great post, Ralf. I’ve read that if you’re able to write for a few minutes in a diary-style about a traumatic event, it can significantly boost your physical and psychological well-being. This links in with what you are saying here.


  3. Great post! Viktor Frankl helped many of the post WWII unemployed Veterans suffering from depression by getting them to do volunteer work while retooling for a new career.


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