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How to remove the biggest roadblock to success – YOU

How to remove the biggest roadblock to success – YOU Smaller FB

“You sleep as well as the bed you choose” is the analogy I often use when I try helping folks remove the biggest roadblock to their success. They are usually their own worst enemies, because they argue with themselves so much to the point of making little to no progress whatsoever.

This typically looks like something like this situation. The person is great at identifying the problem, but every solution they develop comes with its own set of problems to the point of rendering the solution not working out. At the end no solution is worthy pursuing and thus no progress can be made. In essence the individual set up his own circular logic without an end in sight.

How do you break this vicious cycle? There are a few key concepts designed helping break this cycle.

  • Prioritize: Before finding solutions, first identify which part of the key problem is the most important one to resolve. Focus on the top priority issue only. The rest will only clutter your brain and decision making power. Keep record of all other factors and issues though; this may come in handy later.
  • Flick the switch: Sit down and ponder if you need to keep tolerating the problem, or if it requires you addressing it head on. If you do not make an active decision here you will drive your brain crazy because there will always be an unresolved issue cluttering your mind in the back ground. Mentally flick your decision switch and when it’s time to move, move; if you need to stop, stop. Do not put yourself through the misery of constantly being in a state of limbo.
  • Deliver: This means that if you have made a decision and you have evaluated and calculated the risks you will be taking, its time to deliver your solution. If possible prototype your solution on a smaller scale. Point here is that if you never start delivering you will never find out what works – and you will help perpetuate your own misery.
  • Review and make corrections: This is simple to do, but is the most often forgotten key step to lasting success. Taking inventory what and who worked out is essential in continually improving yourself and everything and everyone around you.

So, will you bed yourself on a straw bed with a single layer sheet, or will you choose a king size bed with nice and comfy pillows and a nice warm comforter? Always remember that this is your choice. Remove your own mental roadblocks my friends.


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