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Which scars help define who you are the most?

Which scars help define who you are the most? Smaller FB

Scars come in many shapes and forms. Some are physical and others are psychological. One way or the other, scars are reminders of bad experiences. Scars leave tracks for us to follow throughout our lives. Vivid memories come with them and they cause a jolt to our brains every time we get close to similar situations. Scars define who we become.

Just reflect on the bad cuts, bruises, accidents in general, relationships, loss of friends and family, and so many other bad things that happened to you. Which ones changed your journey the most? Which ones were worse: physical or psychological experiences?

Reflecting on my own battle scars I can list 3 operations, 3 motor cycle accidents, 2 car accidents, 4 accidents involving burns and scalding, 1 close encounter with a circular saw (way too close), 1 close encounter with barbed wire, 1 case of blood poisoning, and quite a few more minor ones come to mind. Combined they do not come close to the pain and mental scarring that my alcoholic parents caused. Thank God for time, as it does heal all wounds – eventually. The scars stayed behind though.

We get a pristine body and soul when we are born. Perhaps it is a good sign when we leave this Earth with all sorts of scars as it may be a sign of a life well lived. Unfortunately, sometimes the older we get the less risk we take and the less adventurous we are. And that is the ultimate irony of our existence: We fear the pain that comes along with scarring, but we do not make progress without taking risks. Risk taking goes hand in hand with scars. How many scars can you reflect upon and which ones changed your life forever? Bet you that they caused for you to change your life. 

Remind yourself though that scars and pain that came with them define who you are today, but this does not define who you can be (click to tweet this).


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2 thoughts on “Which scars help define who you are the most?

  1. Immediately came to mind the literal surgery scar on my hip from hip replacement. I was in incredible debilitating pain and three hours later fine. Crutches to snow shoes in 7 weeks. Went from an old cripple to a youthful hiker. And yet, the first time I was in a swim suit I thought, “oh, I have this scar” – then I thought, “wear it as a badge of honor!” I believe all scars should be worn that way – a badge honoring a life struggle that you have overcome and even released if possible. Did you have to have therapy? Yes! and it helped heal me. Did you grieve? Yes! and it helped heal me. Whatever the case, if you came through it, fought through it, and have the scars the prove it, wear them with as a badge of honor to your courage and grace.


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