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What are the 3 things one MUST do?

What are the 3 things one MUST do? Puzzled

Aren’t you sick sometimes about all the things we are told we MUST or HAVE TO do? Are they really that serious and important that we must do them?

There are really only three things in our lives that we must do:

  • You have to breathe
  • You have to nourish your body and soul
  • You have to go to the bathroom

Everything else is OPTIONAL for you to do. Do not let your brain suggest to you that it isn’t that way. No one has this much power over you. There are always options and when you feel that there aren’t any than you have just not let go of comfy habits. It is those beaten paths that will tell your brain that there are no other venues.

Look at what options you may have. When in doubt or you simply cannot come up with a list of priorities please engage with an accountability partner who will most likely be able helping untangle the mess that your gray matters concocted.

The future has not happened yet; don’t hold on to old habits and thought patterns when they no longer help improve you, your organization, and any of the other key stakeholders of yours.


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