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10 simple telltale signs that you are stressed out

10 simple telltale signs that you are stressed out Ralf a

Stress leads to all sorts of health problems and if at all possible we should avoid getting into stressful situations. Sometimes it is a little difficult to distinguish if and how much stress you are experiencing. I have a short list for you to enjoy, which illustrates situations that were caused by too much stress.

You may be under too much stress, if:

  • you put your trash out on a Sunday (for Friday pick up).
  • you are halfway out the driveway on the way to work when you notice that the neighborhood is way too quiet. You find out it is Saturday.
  • you get off the airplane and your luggage does not arrive on the belt. You get upset that the airline did not get your stuff and pay a ground support person $10 to check in the back and the aircraft and he appears with the suitcase he retrieved from the plane. You rush out the airport as you need to catch a flight at the next terminal when you realize that you got off the airplane one stop too early and you should have gotten back on the same one.
  • you rush through an airport and make a quick restroom pitstop. You sit down and look to the left and right and notice high heel shoes. You are a little conflicted as you are a man.
  • you are in a foreign country and are surprised that you are not getting an electronic check-in notice for your flight taking off the next day. Come to find out you mistakenly made the return flight reservation for the same day but exactly four weeks in the future.
  • you get back to the airport parking lot and have no idea what level and section you parked your car.
  • you are at the hotel and are trying to take off for the airport with your rental car. You grab the keys in your pocket and notice they are the keys to your own car. The rental car keys are in the luggage locked in the car.
  • you attempt punching in a telephone number into your computer’s keyboard and are unsuccessful in making a call.
  • you try making a phone call trying to key in the telephone number into the calculator on your desk.
  • you go to the back to school night of your kids and you try remembering the school entrance door key code because you think you are at work and are now stumped that the code does not work.

Funny, huh? Sadly enough these are my own real life examples of occurrences when my stress level was too high and interesting things happened. Lesson learned was to keep slowing down and having enough down time once and a while. What really helps is exercising, sleeping long and well enough, hanging out with friends and family, and in general not taking yourself too seriously. Got some stress stories to share? Please use the comment field below.


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4 thoughts on “10 simple telltale signs that you are stressed out

  1. You drive to school, set up to teach your class and wonder why nobody bothered coming . . . on the wrong day.


  2. I have had very similar situations but to add one once I was driving to work with my daughter on the back seat to drop her off on my way when half way to the office I hear a voice from behind asking if she wasn’t going to school that day…… Now I laugh of course!


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