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What would you give for finding something you lost? Lost and found

What would you give for finding something you lost? Lost and found Ralf a

Losing things can happen to anyone at any time. Usually, it is something we really urgently need, or we hold it so dearly that we would give about anything getting the lost item back. There are a few ways how to help yourself here (check the helpful sites out below).

The topic makes me think of a traumatic event in which I saved a 20 some odd page document to a thumb drive and – nowhere else. Once I plugged in the drive again as I needed to work on the document some more, I found out the hard way that I should have made copies elsewhere. The file was corrupted beyond repair. Once I got out of panic mode I searched the internet and I eventually found a software that was able to retrieve and repair a file on my PC even though it no longer existed on the hard drive using the file explorer. Amazing technology, but honestly I would have given a more than the money I spent on the software in order to get the file back.

How about you? How many things and even people have you “lost” and would like getting them back into your life? Here is a list of sites as well as topics that may be able to help you.

Lost computer files and file repair

Neat strategies how to locate misplaced objects, click here

Lost and found of items through crowd sourcing

Airport lost and found

Lost something on an airplane? Check it out here for a lot of airlines

Southwest Airlines lost and found

Lost something on a train? Check it out here

Lost your car key? This should help

Have fun and pass my post on to someone you know. Thanks!


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