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What was a challenge in your life that you could have lived without?

What was a challenge in your life that you could have lived without? cup

What would have been a really tough issue that you lived through? Life is rich with fun, but also carries a nasty left hook that typically gets you when you are already not doing so well in the first place. At the time we deal with the situation we are too busy thinking about any potential positive outcome – other than making it through the problem in the first place. Now think about what, if any, good things may have come from the really bad stuff?

The “gift” my parents gave me by royally messing up their lives by being alcoholics was something I totally could have done without. What a mess and waste of human potential that was. What I really abhorred was how totally unpredictable every day was when my sister and I were young kids. Depending on the mood of the moment my dad could have 180 degree mood swings and totally go psycho on us.

Only much later did something really positive come out of this malaise. Yesteryear’s challenge made me extremely sensitive to feeling and sensing people’s moods and intentions. This even extends to being able telling what their emotional state is. It is extremely invaluable in meeting new people in social and business settings. My radar protects me and others pretty well from nasty surprises when encountering people who do not mean well. It also helps sensing when people are in need of a helping hand or word.

Would love to hear from you about any examples when an old problem of yours really made you better off in the end. What are you now grateful for?


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