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What is integrity?

What is integrity? Ralf a

Integrity is when everybody gets elevated through the hard work together as a group. It is as simple as it sounds. This sorts out all the negative, toxic, egotistical, and otherwise unethical people – all but automatically.

When true integrity is hard at work you can recognize it by the following symptoms:

  • Absence of fear. People are not afraid to say what they think.
  • Presence of candor. People are honestly sharing what they think of other people and their ideas.
  • Absence of putting people down. People lift each other up.
  • Presence of collaboration. People really make an effort to work with each other toward a common goal.
  • Absence of cynicism and sarcasm (or at least only a limited amount exists).
  • Presence of laughter. People have fun and are playful.

What’s your role in this? Scan for the presence or absence of the above criteria at your workplace. Does this place give you as much energy as it takes? Make sure you spend your time surrounded by integrity. If you are not happy, why are you there?


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2 thoughts on “What is integrity?

  1. Good list. I seem to be gaining more integrity as I get older… Thankfully!


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