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Pain is just weakness leaving the body

Pain is just weakness leaving the body Smaller FB

These words were supposedly muttered by a Marine Corps General and later this appears to have been adopted by the Marine Recruiting Office as a slogan attracting young men to join the service. There is most likely a testosterone induced machismo tie-in here, but how is pain a weakness? Pain is pain, but it is not a weakness – including showing it.

Everybody has encountered, or is encountering some sort of pain during our life time. Body and soul can be in pain, severe pain. It can be short bursts of pain, or long time chronic suffering at all kinds of levels of pain. To a certain point pain is a mental concept as your brain can help you choose to ignore it.

The pain is there though. Right now chances are that someone you know is going through cancer treatment. In this instance the one undergoing treatment is most likely in pain, but the people surrounding the person are in just as much pain watching the suffering going on. I see no weakness here. In fact quite the opposite is true. There are many folks whom we should look up to for how heroic they deal with the ordeal of the long goodbye.

Sometimes it is worse looking healthy outside and feeling miserable inside. This can truly be totally devastating. Check out the website of Wayne Connell’s Invisible Disabilities Association here:



No weakness in sight. Instead you will find people whom we need to look up to for being able to contend with pain at unimaginable levels and lengths of time.

The only reason why pain and weakness may have ever been put into the same sentence is that we may be weak when we give up. Raising the white flag and not being yourself and not true and resolute because of pain helps no one. In this context, giving up means totally handing over your fate to total coincidence.

Ponder what you would when the worst would happen to you and what you want to stand for and what you expect your family and friends should do. Make that known – often. Prepared like this pain has no chance with you. It will truly leave your body and soul.


PS: Thinking and praying for you Terri, Patti, and Jeff

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