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What one word describes you and your life?

What one word describes you and your life? Smaller FB

This is the question my children asked me the other night over dinner. I was perplexed in two ways: For one I was stumped as to who my young folks thought of it in the first place. The other reason was that it took me a while homing in on just one word or term describing my life journey best.

It made me think how this exercise could help you too. The key here is knowing what you stand for. That is also what kind of legacy you will leave behind. No matter how old you are, the question of living on purpose will eventually come around for you. The moment you begin fleshing out the answer you are a couple of steps closer to living it also. Once you realize it, you start focusing on it more and the people around you will experience it first hand. ous

So what one word describes you? Mine is “curiosity”.


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